Sounding the alarm when an Adult goes missing can be a very frustrating ordeal. Even worse if it is missing male. The first twenty-four hours are crucial when someone goes missing but when you file a missing persons report for an adult it is not taken real serious for a few days.

You have to get as much attention to the fact that your loved one is missing. Luckily we have the internet now so it is simple to send out a mass email to let people know that you have a missing adult. Be sure and include a picture.
Contact the media and let them know. Sometimes if your lucky and its a slow news day they may do a story on your missing person. Check all the soup kitchens, hospitals, and keep checking back with the RCMP to let them know what you have been doing. Next make up posters and plaster them every where. Bus stations, airports, gas stations and send them to everyone you know that lives out of your area. Retrace the last steps before they went missing. Never give up hope. As long as there is no body you still have hope!

This following site is very informative if you have a loved one go missing.  This is from the Province of Ontario and has  some good advice.   Skip the first three pages of introduction to get some very helpful advice It’s hard to know what to do if you have someone go missing.