Michael drew this picture when he was just over two years old

When our son Michael went missing at age 25 January 10 2006 we frantically searched everywhere we could think of. I began looking for any clues for his disappearance, even  searching all our old pictures.  I have saved all the little creative things our children have made over the years and I came across this little “bird in a nest” picture and memories of days gone by came rushing back. Our son Michael was just under two we lost a baby boy, Jonathon.  We were heart-broken  as you can well imagine.  Michael was a very sensitive boy and already a very talented artist. He drew me a picture of a bird in a nest and gave it to me.  Michael knew how special birds were to me, especially a mother bird.  I treasured it then and will forever.  This little picture has given me a lot of comfort since he went missing January 10 2005.  I will post everyday that there is a missing person or remains found.  This will be in the category “Missing Stories from BC 2011.” You will be surprised how many missing people there are.  It is usually just a blip in the news…..
Currently there is no data base for Missing People.  I have several links in this blog for a petition to change that.  If someone goes missing from the Okanagan area and years later  remains are found in some other place in Canada there is a good chance the families of the missing will never know.  Canada has a  convicted offender DNA databank, but it is used only to identify criminals, not to link DNA from missing persons with unidentified remains.  Please take the time to look at this petition and sign it so we can solve some of the missing person cases with the remains that have been found.