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When our son, Michael,  went missing the RCMP warned me about Psychics contacting us and offering their services.  And sure enough that is exactly what happened, several times.  One said she saw his poster at the Okanagan Falls corner store and as soon as she saw him she knew where he was.  I had a really hard time believing her but because I was grasping at anything I fell for it.    For fifty dollars she told me , “I see water, mountains and trees,”  Well lets see, that pretty much covers everywhere in BC.   

Aaron Derbyshire went missing six months after Mike and the RCMP flew the helicopter up and down searching the side of Okanagan Lake .  There was a rumor going around that a Physic had said she could see water….no kidding were in “Lake Country!”  But I learned then to be thankful  anytime there is a search for some new missing person  because it  means there’s that chance that Mike might be found too.