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Another year has gone past and we still do not know anymore about our son Michael.  This January 10 it will be five years since he went missing.  Today there have been remains found in Hope.  My heart does a little flip when I read about a body being found but I have learned to read the whole story before I get all stressed out over a body that is probably not Mikes.  The story today pretty much says this is not my boy….but the possibility is not ruled out at all.
There are many bodies or remains found and most of the time I know immediately by the descriptions etc that this is not our son but it’s still a very sad day for some family.  
This coming year I plan on getting healthier.  Grieving is very hard on your body and soul and both take time to heal. It has been a real roller coaster in our lives the past five years for our whole family.  So many new and wonderful changes that we are so thankful for. We are a Opa and Oma now which is a great experience to watch the grandchildren growing up.  I  started writing to the grandchildren from the moment I knew about them.  I will continue to write to them till the day I die and then they will get my journals
I am hoping to write on this blog several times a week or more. I am currently working on my book “Bird in a Nest”  along with several short stories and do have more ideas for another book or two.
Went for a walk a few days ago and really took a good look around Kelowna BC.  and we really do live in a beautiful country.  Best wishes for 2011.