When a parent out lives a child, it is the most heart wrenching all-consuming grief. It’s a long hard road to travel, this road of grief. Nothing else matters or has any meaning. You have no taste, sleep is either a welcome relief, or something that is only a distant memory. Things that were so important,… working, having a shower, looking good, exercising, eating, paying bills, they all seem so meaning less… and yet amazingly the world goes on. The phones still ring, the sun comes up and goes down, life goes on. You want to scream at them all “Stop,stop you fools don’t you see the word is coming to an end as we know it. My child is gone I cannot go on!”

Then ever so slowly you start your journey down Grief Road, which turns into a major Highway to Hell. Slowly here and there a few more arteries are now are merging …. Guilt Drive unites with Grief Road….and together they become one. You can travel down this road for a long time. Then suddenly Anger Avenue is at the intersection. This road will eventually be taken by all that travel the Grief Road. You may avoid Anger Avenue,  throw it to the curb and go the long way around but eventually you will experience Anger as you navigate down the  road of Grief. Anger Avenue is a very curvy street quickly turning in a primary artery that weaves its way through Gloomy Gully and dips with despair. Memories are washed onto the highway with Regret Road  merging in. Some will choose to stay on Anger Ave. The anger gives them power over their grief. This well-used Anger Avenue has many different paths you can take. There is Misery Street,Despair Court, Alcoholic Ally. You can move onto these if you choose, for the rest of your life.

Journeying  down the road of Grief there are Memory Lanes that you can voyage off to. Sometimes there is construction going on during your travels and you are stuck at cross roads. However the little Memory Lanes are always available and you can travel those as often as you want. Occasionally when you are on these little well-traveled memory lanes, grief will join hand in hand; guilt might skip along side you and anger is just around the bend. For some, you may find that you are traveling down the fond Memory Lanes more often and realize that all these little roads have short cuts to Acceptance Drive.   For others, the trip down Memory Lanes is travelled less as you continue your way down Grief Road.