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I was a young mother in 1989 watching the CHBC reporter on TV announcing that there was a young man missing from the Kelowna area.  The young man was Charles Horvath who was originally from England but was back packing around Canada.  The last time anyone saw him was May 1989.  Charles had sent a letter to his mother Denise confirming that he would be meeting up with her in August.  This was to celebrate both Charles and Denise,’s birthday. This celebration never happened.  I watched Denise on the news pleading for any information about her missing son.   My heart broke for her and I gave my kids an extra kiss that night as I tucked them bed.  I faithfully watched for updates about the missing man but there were no sightings after August 1989.  Denise made many pleas about her missing son but eventually had to go back to England with her husband but she has returned  for years to make  the same plea to public.  It broke my heart watching her anguish on the news for all to see and then in  1992 there was a break in the case.  Someone sent an anonymous letter to Denise’s motel room saying that Charles had been beaten and thrown in the lake back in 1989.  There was an announcement on the news that volunteered divers were going to dive under the bridge. This was all  organized by Denise and the dive team was called ‘International Sea Search’ (ISS) They searched for three days and then Denise hired a submersible camera and the ISS searched for another four days. I waited to hear the outcome and my heart sank when the divers said they had located a body on April 3 1992.  The RCMP were contacted (this was all done without the RCMP to this point) and the RCMP dove under the bridge and brought the body to the surface.  The media, of course like everyone else including me,  assumed that this body was Charles Horvath.  It wasn’t!  It was a body of an older man who had walked away from the Psychiatry ward at the Kelowna General Hospital.  It was unbelievable news and my heart ached for the proper speaking english woman sobbing on the news.  I couldn’t even imagine her pain and never guessed that seventeen later I would indeed discover the pain of having a child go missing.  I have so much admiration for Denise and all that she has done trying to locate her boy.  Having a child missing the most indescribable pain.  It is the unknown that is so hard to accept.  To be thousands of miles away like Denise I can’t even imagine.   I contacted Denise after our son Michael went missing Jan 10 2005. She was so kind and I wished that we could have met on different circumstances than the disappearance of our sons.  Since our son went missing I scan the news constantly to see if there have been any human remains found ( I can’t even believe that just wrote those words ) and I contact Denise, even though I am pretty sure she knows already. I am astounded at how many people go missing.  
Never say Never!                         

Charles Horvath