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Our son Mike had been missing for over two years when there was a disturbing amount of feet, some with shoes still attached to them found washed up on the shore along the pacific coast.  The RCMP insisted that there was no connection with all the feet but there was still a lot of speculation about that. It was during that time that the RCMP requested DNA samples from my husband and myself.  Two plain clothes officers came to both our jobs. I thought that they would swab inside my mouth like they do on all the crime shows on TV but they pricked my finger and took a small amount of blood.  At the time they also asked what size Michael’s feet were and who his dentist was.
A few days ago this petition was posted on my facebook.  I was shocked to discover that there is no Missing Person Data Base in Canada.  Canada has a crime scene and a convicted offender DNA databank, but it is used only to identify criminals, not to link DNA from missing persons with unidentified remains.  Please take the time to look at this petition and sign it so we can solve some of the missing person cases with the remains that have been found