It has been over five years since our son Michael went missing and yet there is not a single day that goes by that I am not searching and looking for our lost son.  I dream that one day he will come back into our lives, arriving healthy and happy…but I know it is only a wishful dream.  You can’t put life on hold. No matter what it just keeps moving along with or without you.  It is only the beginning of February and already almost a dozen people who have gone missing in BC. since January 1 2011.  I have promised that I would post each day that there is a new missing person case or a body found.  Today I read in the news that the parents of Owen Roney have stopped searching in Alberta and are coming back to BC. There were some tips saying that their son had been in Alberta selling dream catchers.   There have a been a few tips about our missing son over the years, some sounded almost plausible but in the end it was just a false lead.  My heart aches for people who have a loved one missing in a foreign country.  Over the years I have gotten to know Denise Horvath whose son Charles has been missing in Kelowna BC since 1989. Denise lives in England and searches for her son from afar and has travelled here numerous times getting Charles name in the media.  I can’t imagine being that far away.  I feel like I can never leave this area that we live in.  We need to be here for our son in case he returns home one day. Have we put our lives on hold? I guess in a way we have but we still have the rest of our family to think about.   So for now we take it day by day.  Just in the past six months I am finally able to really enjoy music again.  It feels good to crank up the tunes and enjoy some of favorite songs that our family has enjoyed over the years.

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