Police are now asking that all cab drivers around the Prince George area give DNA samples.  This is so they can test against any DNA samples they have for the missing women from the area known as ‘Highway of Tears.’ There are hundreds of women that have gone missing over the years, most of these women lived a high risk life style but they are all someone’s child,sister, mother or friend.  It has taken years for the public to even be concerned about the amount of missing women.  Now police are looking at getting DNA from the local cab drivers and some people are saying it is an infringement of their rights! Give me a break!  What about the rights of all the missing women? So what if you give your DNA? If you have nothing to hide why should you care? If you think about it, it kinda makes sense that it could be a cab driver. Women have known for years that other women have gone missing, some turning up dead, so perhaps they thought they were being safe taking a cab.  Seriously if this could solve the mystery surrounding all the missing and murdered women from the ‘Highway of Tears’ take DNA from everyone in the area! DNA is a great tool so why not use it as much as we can.  I hope that the police get DNA from anyone that drove a cab in the past twenty years! That’s how long women have been going missing!
Currently there is no DNA data base for missing people in Canada. The United States has one and Canada does have a DNA data base for anyone that has committed a crime. Judy Peterson has started a petition for a national Data Base for all Canadians that have gone missing. Although police and coroners warn that a DNA databank cannot provide closure to the thousands of people across Canada who have had a loved one disappear because there are many more missing people than unidentified human remains, there’s no question that such a resource could be the key in unlocking the mystery of many disappearances. Here is the link to this petition http://www.gopetition.com/petition/41301.html