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Unfortunately when a missing person is found it may just be a quick blurb in the media.  As I scan the missing person websites (and there are an amazing amount) I noticed that people who have been found either dead or alive are still listing as missing.  In this day and age everyone knows how to network and this networking really helps to get your loved one’s name in the media when they go missing. When someone has been found it is very important to let all the people you have contacted about your ‘missing person’ that your loved one has been found.
While looking over the solved cases of missing people it seems  if someone will be found it will be in the first week.  This is why it is so important to get the news out in the media ASAP when you know your loved one is missing, but it is equally important to let them know when you have found your ‘missing person.’
There are over 7000 missing people in Canada right now.  So many families living with the unknown and yet the number just keeps growing.  Have we become  numb to the disappearances as a society.  I imagine this is what happens to people who live in a War torn area, you must almost become immune to the death and destruction.  Is that what is happening to us? So many new missing posters finding their way on bulletins board across BC,  new Missing Facebook pages popping up every week.  I wonder  how many ‘missing people’ face book sites are out there in cyberspace?
It is great to see that the Missing Women are finally being acknowledged, but what about all the young men that are going missing at an alarming rate?

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