What a horrible thought Gail Kreiser of Salmon Arm BC is haunted by.  Her mother  Mary Jane Kreiser went missing at the age  of 49 from the Slave Lake area of Alberta. Mary was talking on the phone when the phone went dead and she has not been seen or heard from since. The family members never cared for Mary’s boyfriend who had criminal records for domestic assault and driving drunk  and were suspicious of him as soon as Mary disappeared. They were even more convinced that he had something to do with Mary’s disappearance when he packed up his trailer and moved to BC just weeks after Mary went missing.
The family has been very frustrated dealing with the RCMP and it was not 1990 that the Mary Jane Kreiser Missing Person case was deemed to be suspicious.
Gail said the horrifying thought that her mother’s body is paved over came to her about ten years ago. The boyfriend worked in construction and was involved in paving the roads. Gail is hoping with all the new technology that there would be  way to test the road that was being built when her mother went missing.
My heart goes out to this family and hope they do get some answers.
The only bright spot in this horrific story is that the boyfriend was killed in a car accident in Abbotsford BC by a drunk driver!
Gotta love Karma!