William Wade Bicknell,42, was convicted of killing Angela Steer of Maple Ridge, B.C. in 2001. William beat Angela to death with a baseball bat and  was sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of parole for ten years in Drumheller Alberta. Amazing that for a killer ten years is equal to life while the families of the victims are the ones that have the true life sentence of living with the horror of how their loved one died.
On Thursday March 10 2011 William was out on a day pass to visit family.  How ironic! William managed to over power the one prison guard that was driving and escorting William for his ‘family time’. For some reason I always thought there would be two guards escorting a prisoner and it seems to me that the prisoner should be in some sort of restraint. William was obviously not restrained or not restrained enough. As well it sounds like William had a  weapon and he managed to over power the guard and get the guard’s weapons and ammunition as well. William forced the guard to drive to a house William  knew, where he then forced his way in and stole the home owners vehicle and more guns with ammunition.
To me this seems like a very well planned out escape and if I was the family of Angela Steer I would be disgusted that this killer is on the loose and I would think the family would be very scared as well.
It is hard to say where this murderer will go next but if you see this huge man call 911 right away

UPDATE William’s sister Sandra Myshak has been charged with assisting her brother to escape. William visited his sister that day and she gave him a gun to use for his escape! This is a very dangerous situation.
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