The RCMP have confirmed that the death of Carol Ann McPhail was not foul play. Carol took a remote forestry road on February 28 2011 and got stuck in the snow and thought she would be able to walk out.  Carol had a passenger in the car and he stayed behind for the night. He managed to stay warm by lighting a fire.  The next day he walked out around mid day and was shocked to find out that Carol had not made it out of the forest. That’s when the RCMP started a search for Carol. This also explains why there was no report of Carol missing as the RCMP knew she was in forest somewhere. Her body was located March 6th about 9 kilometers from her car. An autopsy does not show foul play. The coroner has done a toxicology test but the results wont be ready for about six weeks.
This is such a tragic event and could have been avoided. It’s always a good idea to have blankets in your car and even just a candle will give you enough heat to stay warm.  As well a bag of kitty litter and a shovel can be a life saver if you get stuck on a remote road.