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Just six kilometers away from 4842 Rupert Street another woman’s remains were found in a basement at 941 Salsbury Vancouver BC. in 1989.  
A resident of 941 Salsbury was cleaning out the crawl space and came across skeleton remains. The police were called and confirmed it was indeed the remains of a woman but could not identify her. They were however certain that she had been murdered.
Lillian Jean O’Dare was a hairdresser and  was 34 when she went missing in 1978. Lillian’s name was added to the Vancouver Missing Womans Task Force in 2002. Five years later with DNA evidence police were able to identify Lillian Jean O’Dare as the human remains that were found in the crawl space at 941 Salsbury. Police released a statement in August 2007 , confirming the identity of Lillian and asking anyone with any information to come forward.
What police did not reveal was that Lillian had been born a male and had a complete sex change and did work in the sex trade. No charges have ever been laid.
With all the unsolved missing person cases it makes me wonder how many more missing could be buried in a basement or crawl space!