My heart aches for Kimberly’ family and friends.  I honestly cannot think of a worse crime that could be committed to your loved one. Since our son went missing I notice right away when there is a story about a missing person and I remember the day that Kimberly was reported missing. What the hell is wrong with these two young men? They are monsters and don’t deserve any special treatment.  It would be great to see them in the general population of jail but of course that will never happen. Instead our tax dollars including Kimberly’s family and friends tax dollars will pay for these disgusting excuses for a human being. It really is your worst fear come true when your child goes missing!
The horrible way that Kimberly died even caused the police working on the case a lot of stress and they have been in counselling.
I hope these disgusting killers stay in jail until they rot! Unfortunately there really is no life sentence for murderers  in Canada and one day they will apply for parole. Kimberly’s family and friends will however have a life long sentence of living with the horror of Kimberly’s last hours.

RIP Kimberly