I was shocked to read this article this morning. Most people in BC, especially people who have family members missing, are aware of the feet that have been washing ashore along the south coast of BC the past few years. There was a foot found on Whidbey Island, which is about 40 km from Seattle. After the DNA testing was performed to determine that this foot does not belong to anyone in the United States Missing Person DNA Data Base, a copy of the DNA profile was sent to BC. But guess what?  The BC system tests for a different type of DNA – one that could not be found because of the condition of the foot! How can that be? There are so many missing people from BC that surely our DNA testing should be close to the DNA testing they are doing just over the border. Obviously our oceans are the same waters!
Currently there is no DNA data bank for Missing persons of Canada but obviously even if we had one it wouldn’t matter in this case!