This piece of work deserves to be behind bars for a long time. Stealing cars is one thing but having a total disregard for an innocent persons life is another. I’m sure many people remember the horrible incident where a visitor from New Zealand, Dr.David Higgins was hit while using a cross walk in Vancouver. Instead of stopping Xiao (AKA ‘scumbag’ in my world) took off at a high speed with Dr. Higgins still on the hood and when he went screaming around a corner Dr. Higgins was thrown off the hood and died. Witnesses to this cowardly act were so outraged that they used their cars to chase down Xiao and boxed him in. Unbelievably Xiao rammed those vehicles in order to escape. To add insult to injury Xiao was only sentenced to 11 months in jail for the death of Dr.Higgins. What kind of sentence is that? It’s a joke…only no one is laughing!
Now it seems that Xiao is finding cars for sale on Craig’s List and taking the car for a test drive and never going back. Xiao is now the most wanted car thief in BC.
I still have a hard time getting over his sentence of 11 months for the death of an innocent person killed while using a cross walk!