I thought it was just me but the other day I had an email from a mother of a missing son and she mentioned that people tend to avoid you when you have a missing child. I guess it is human nature because they don’t know what to say. The hardest part is meeting new people. I try to change the subject if family comes up or I talk about my grandchildren.  Now with the internet anyone can google your name and find a lot out about you. In our case we have been in the news numerous times trying to find the answer to our son’s disappearance.  Currently I am unemployed and know that it is hard to find a job but I wonder if the employers google my name and after seeing my information consider me a ‘Nut Bar.”  Maybe…it’s hard to say, but no matter what I will never stop looking for answers and will continue with this blog until the end of my days. It breaks my heart to think of all the families of the missing that are dealing with the same anguish of the unknown.