Over the past year there have been several people who have gone missing  from the Kamloops area.  Could this latest attempted kidnapping be related to the beating that this man received last year? http://www.kamloopsnews.ca/article/20110303/KAMLOOPS0101/110309933/-1/kamloops/police-eye-suspects-in-truckers-beating
A twenty year old woman was driving in Kamloops at around 1:00 AM, April 1 2011, when she notice an older truck with its emergency lights going parked at the side of the road. There was an older gentleman outside the truck who flagged her down. The woman pulled over and as she approached the man he tried to grab her and force her into his vehicle. Luckily the woman was able to escape by kicking him in the groin and getting back in her car. Unfortunately this woman did not report this to the police until the following day. Actually when I first heard about this I thought it was a April Fools Joke!
The RCMP have released a description of this man. He is between 60-70 years old with long white hair that is kept nicely behind his ears, a bushy white beard and a dark unibrow.
Here are the police reports of people missing from the Kamloops area recently:

Attempted abduction of Kamloops 20-year-old triggers hunt for man in gold pickup truck (theprovince.com)