Vernon RCMP have an anthropologist that will  examine the skeleton found in the apple orchard in Vernon BC.  The owners of the property were in the process of removing old apple trees when the remains were found.  Currently we do not know the age of the remains but we do know they are at least several years old. There are close to 100 people who are missing in the BC area but just because the body was found in Vernon does not mean that this is someone who is missing from the Vernon area.  Police are protecting the area where the skeleton was found and are searching for anymore evidence. The remains were not buried very deep. We do not know what parts of the skeleton were found.  Currently there is not an autopsy planned until the age of the bones is determined.  As well the RCMP will not start investigating missing persons until they find out the age of deceased.  October 2008 there were skeletal remains found in Vernon by a creek and it took until February 2011 for those remains to be identified as Garry Joseph Wells, who went missing in 1996.
So now all we can do is wait.  My thoughts are with all the families of missing people.