Kimberly Proctor’s parents have to be some of the bravest people I have ever heard of.  First they endured days of not knowing where their beautiful young daughter was and then they have lived through the horror of knowing she died at the hands of two psychotic classmates. Once again their bravery is shining through as they want all the details of  Kruse Wellwood and Cameron Moffat lives known and studied in the public eye to see if this horrific crime can be prevented from happening to another innocent girl. These killers displayed psychopathic traits for many years and yet no one intervened. Obviously these young men came into the world like anyone of us so what caused them to think it was a good idea to torture and kill an innocent classmate,Kimberly Proctor,someone they had known for years?
There are thousands of dysfunctional families and of course because they are dysfunctional they will not seek any help for their children, often only making it worse by their reactions to the disturbing behavior displayed. 
We know that Cameron Moffat has conduct disorder that began in early childhood that involved defiant anti social behavior. He was very violent with his family and other children. Cameron kicked the family dog so hard he broke the dogs leg and he was suspended from school for bringing a weapon to school.  This all happened before Cameron even started Highschool.
Kruse Wellwood was also extremely violent at an early age. He hit his own mother and assaulted fellow students. By grade five he was out of control. This is the age that the two boys met and became good friends, feeding off each others violent tendencies as they started experimenting with drugs. Remember these boys are ten years old at this time!
We need a better support system in our society to protect the innocent victims like Kimberly Proctor. I guess we should be thankful that these psychopaths did not torture and murder anyone else before they were caught.
So what can be done to prevent this happening again? We all know that there are thousands of children right now living in extremely dysfunctional homes. What are the options? Remove them and place them in foster homes? Quite often that is only going from the frying pan into the fire… some cases! 
Are these violent tendencies  something that a person is born with? Kruse Wellwoods father, Robert Dezwaan, killed Cherish Oppenheim of Merrit BC in 2001. The rape and murder of Cherish was done while Robert Dezwaan was out on bail for attacking another woman from Kelowna. Unbelievable! So was Kruse Wellwood destined to become a murdering rapist or should this have been huge warning signs that this young man needed to be watched and monitored?