Allan Schoenborn murdered his three children Kaitlynne, 10, Max, 8, and Cordon, 5 April 6, 2008, in order to punish his  ex-wife.  He positioned the children for his wife to find and had the words “Forever Young” and “Gone to Neverland” written on the wall with their blood! Weeks earlier Allan had pleaded guilty to violating a protection order that was put in place after he had sexually assaulted his ex-wife. He also refused to take medication for his mental illness. A few days before Allan murdered his children he had been arrested and charged with two counts of uttering threats to cause bodily harm after he threatened a girl who had upset his daughter, Kaitlynne.  Allan was missing for ten days before he was found and charged with the horrific murder of his three children. Now just three years later Allen would like Day Passes from the  Forensic Psychiatric Hospital in Port Coquitlam BC. Please take the time to sign the Petition to keep Allan Schoenborn locked up forever!