What a shock to read this in the news today. Perry Wong and Eloise Fendelet’s bodies have been found in a field in the stony plain area.  I just posted yesterday about the similarities of this couple and two other couples that are missing so it was a shock to see the headline that this couple has now been found dead! Lyle & Marie McCann and Al and Rita Chretien  are two other couples that have gone missing in the past year. Perry and Eliose have been missing since December 2010 and just recently I found out they had a residence in Vancouver so I began to wonder if there was a connection with these three couples. Lyle and Marie McCann have been missing since July 2010 and were also from Alberta but they were definitely on their way to BC. Al and Rita Chretien have been missing since March 17 2011 and had left BC to travel to Las Vegas.

RIP Perry and Eliose