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DNA evidence has shown that the skull found in Stanley Park Vancouver BC, in 1990 is that of a teenage boy. For over twenty years police have been trying to solve the ‘Jane Doe’ case but all along it was actually a ‘John Doe’. So will this new evidence help the police solve this case? How old is this skull? According to the police the DNA is unable to pinpoint the age of the skull.  So now it will be a matter of searching the missing person files from 1990 and older.
DNA is one of the most important discoveries of this day and age. Unfortunately there is not a DNA data base of all the missing people of Canada and currently there are over 7000 Canadians missing. Recently there was a foot that  washed up on the shore of  Whidbey Island and after the USA was unable to link their missing person DNA Data bank the evidence  was then sent to Canada. Unfortunately our DNA testing is different from the USA so no testing could be done. This is a real shame considering that any one of the missing people in the States or Canada could be in either Country.  
 Here is a link to a DNA Data Base for missing Canadians petition