Trees on Gyro Beach, Kelowna, Okanagan Lake, BC.

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It was such a vivid dream…it felt real.  I dreamt that I was down by the Delta Grand Hotel on Water Street in Kelowna BC. For some reason I had just hit two cars, one on the bumper and one in the front…..remember this is a dream.  I reached in my glove compartment of my car to retrieve my insurance information. In my dream I felt I needed a flat spot to write on and went to use a very vivid red mail box to place my paper on. And there he was! My son Mike! He was in the process of mailing a letter. I saw him and at first it did not register and I did a double take and immediately a huge sob erupted from my throat. He looked at me and said “Whoops, wasn’t quick enough.” And then we shared that laugh that we both had when we knew we were caught in an awkward situation. I threw my arms around him and hugged him and it felt so good. I kept saying “oh my god Mike, your alive, your alive. I have missed you so much. We all have.” He gave me a bit of a hug back and said “I know Mom, I can see you.” Tears were pouring down my face. I wanted to give my car away….the little fender bender seemed so unimportant. Mike was so tall, way taller than I ever imagined him to be. He still has the same impish smile though. I begged him to come home with me but he said he couldn’t right now but would come for dinner…”Make your roast beef dinner Mom and chocolate pudding for desert.” I couldn’t stop the tears and could see people were staring at us but I didn’t care. I didn’t want to let him go again. He would not tell me where he was staying and said he would get hold of me. I turned back to look at my car and then when I turned around again he was gone. I woke myself up with my groans and sobbing. I had real tears on my pillow. I needed to write this down right away so I can try to figure out what it means.  I have never analized dreams before so will search the internet today and see if I can get some clues.
Recently there has been young man, Justin Craik, missing from Kelowna who is schizophrenic. Yesterday I had someone post a comment on my blog on the page about Justin. This person is almost certain she saw Justin at the skytrain in Vancouver. I immediately passed the information on to the RCMP in Kelowna. Hopefully this young man is Justin. The previous night on CHBC,the local television news station, the mother of  Justin made a tearful plea for her son to come home. The news reporter also interviewed the woman from the  schizophrenia society of Kelowna and this woman said that quite often people with schizophrenia will disappear and wander around lost in society. She never mentioned suicide although Justin’s mother did. Could this have triggered this vivid dream? Or does this mean we are going to locate Mike soon, one way or another? It’s hard to say but I do know that it felt so good to hug my missing son and see his familiar smile. Miss you so much Mike! Love you forever. You are missing so many changes in our family life!