What the hell is going on? Is it just me or does it seem like killers have more rights than their victims? Recently we heard that Allan Schoenborn had requested day passes to go for coffee or perhaps a swim in the local pool. We were outraged and currently the ‘Review Board’ are reviewing their decision. Now it has come to light that this is a fairly normal practice to allow killers into society after only a short time in a Psychiatric facility! Seriously?
February 11 2011 a lower mainland man was found not criminally responsible for murder after he had shot his wife several times and then set their house on fire.  Sounds like this killer had a hot-shot lawyer because there is currently a ban on his name and the name of his dead wife (that he murdered). I can’t image the frustration the family of the murdered woman must deal with on a daily basis. Now to add insult injury this killer has been granted permission for escorted day passes and it hasn’t even been six months since he killed his wife. During the murder there were two children in the house and one of the children witnessed the killer go into the bedroom with his rifle and shoot his wife! And now this killer is actually spending time in the public! How horrific is that?
I’m sure many people remember Kimberly Ruth Noyes,  age 44, from Grandforks BC.  She is the woman who killed her twelve-year-old neighbor, John Fulton, September  29 2010 by stabbing him to death. She was found  not criminally responsible for murder because of a mental disorder and sentenced to Port Coquitlam Forensic Psychiatric Hospital. It has now come to light that Kimberly was granted escorted day trips two months after the murder. I can’t help but shake my head as I write these words! No wonder so many people try to plead insanity when they commit a crime. What is insane is how many people are out walking the streets within two years of killing someone!
Last year Alexander Lawrence Laglace was charged with killing his girlfriend, Tammy-Lynn Cordone,  a few months after he was released from the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital by the B.C. Review Board.
What I would like to know is how many people are on the ‘Review Board’? I would hope at least a half-dozen people would be involved in this decision including family members who have lost a loved one!

If you haven’t signed the petition “No Day Passes for Allan Schoenborn” please take the time to read this and sign