Although it is great to know that this piece of work is not going to be enjoying a cup of coffee or an afternoon dip in the local pool it is disturbing to think it’s because he, Allen Schoenborn, decided he no longer wants day passes. Does this mean that at a later date he can request Day Passes and perhaps be out enjoying a cup of java in the local coffee shop?
It should be the Review board, complete with Allan’s ex wife’s input, that make this decision, not some lunatic child killer! Almost 500 people have signed the petition ‘No Day Passes for Allen Schoenborn’ and apparently there are a few other petitions out there as well.  Please take the time to sign one of these and make sure that this killer never has any privileges.
The review board has stated that they will not be letting Allen Schoenborn leave the Coquitlam Forensic Psychiatric Institute for at least a year! Not good enough! This killer needs to be locked up forever!
My thoughts are with the family and friends of Darcie Clarke!