Police are now saying that the clothing and some personal items that Tyeshia Jones was wearing when she was murdered are missing. Police are still actively investigating the murder of the girl but are not releasing any details including the cause of Tyeshia’s death. The missing clothing and personal items are listed as follows:

An extra small, black Adidas sweatshirt with hood
A small black tank top with a white strip on the bottom with an attached underwire bra
Flat soled, size seven fabric boots
Size 23, blue denim jeans with white stitching
A black leather purse with a shoulder strap
Inside the purse was a blue ipod Nano with a sticker of a cats head on the back
Police are very confident that this case will be solved soon and say that “investigation is very focused and they’re moving in a very targeted direction”.
Hopefully the person or persons are arrested and charged with this horrible crime soon!