It has been over eight months since Owen Rooney went missing. Sadly there has been no confirmed sightings of Owen, although there have been a lot of false leads. My heart aches for the family of Owen because it is the unknown that is the hardest to live with.
Owen’s parents have decided to return to Australia although Owen’s mom still has hope that her son is alive, “Of course, you have your doubts, but I have a feeling he is still with us and with head trauma,” Sharon Rooney said. “It may be just a comfortable way to feel, but that is the way I feel.”
Sharon said that the Canadian people have been very helpful but she was not all that impressed with our police or health system,”It was more than frustrating,” she said. “It was heartbreaking.” It is a very frustrating situation when you have an adult male go missing. Owen’s family have done an amazing job of keeping Owen’s name in the media. It would be hard to find a person living in BC that has not heard about Owen Rooney’s mysterious disappearance. Hopefully the Rooney family will get some answers soon.

Owen Rooney’s two sisters, Kelly and Bree will  remain in Canada to continue the search for their brother.