UPDATE May 2: Shortly after police issued the warning about this piece of work, he was arrested! http://bc.rcmp.ca/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=50&languageId=1&contentId=19409
This sexual offender, Randy Lanferman,  is not missing, which is a good thing, but the public needs to be aware that he has recently been released from a federal corrections facility after completing his third federal sentence and is now residing in Nanaimo BC. The RCMP have issued a Public Interest Notification under the Privacy Act of Canada in the interest of public safety.This creep has a lengthy record of sexual assaults, which includes stalking the victim,breaking into their house, confining the victim and sexual assault. What a nightmare this guy is! Randy is being supervised by the Nanaimo Community Corrections and is being monitored by the Nanaimo RCMP. He must abide by these conditions:
1) Must not consume alcohol or other intoxicants
2) Must not attend locations where alcohol is sold
3) Must report all relationships with females to his probation officer
4) Must not possess knives or other weapons.
5) Must not possess ropes, duct tape or other device that can be used for restraining a person.

Scary to think that this individual is living in the public!  Please be aware !