Roger,a convicted sex offender, was released from jail earlier this year after serving a seven-year term. Roger is required to check in with a parole officer and a high risk offender officer. Roger has not been in contact with either officer since April 29, 2011 and police are now issuing a warning to the public, especially women. Roger is known to target women who are alone and socially vulnerable and works hard to gain their trust. Roger has been known to pose as a minister or retired police officer. His past convictions include sexual assault, forcible confinement and uttering death threats. Just a real gem!
There is now a Canada wide warrant for Roger’s arrest.
As I was researching this piece of work I discovered this creep has gone missing before..when he was staying at a half way house in Burnaby.
But it looks like that did not stop him from being released in January of this year to live in Victoria, although there was a warning broadcast in the media about Roger living in Victoria. Apparently he is at a high risk to reoffend! Unbelievable! Once again it seems like the criminals have more rights than the victims!