17-year-old Jodi was last seen at a house party on Bowen Island June 20, 2009. The family is convinced that Jodi must have been murdered on Bowen Island as they have not heard from her since that day. The last person to see Jodi was her ex boyfriend Gavin Arnott, age 22. Gavin told police that he and Jodi had gone for a walk till 5:30 that morning and parted ways after they had an argument. Since he was the last one to see Jodi, Gavin has always been a person of interest. Jodi’s brother,  Rob-James Henrickson said the family is shocked at the charges of sexual interference and child pornography that have been laid against Gavin Arnott.  “This is not good news,” Rob-James said, “but it provides hope to us that something else will come out. If any of Gavin’s friends were trying to protect him, having this story [about child-porn charges] out might make them want to come forward,” he added hopefully.
Really hoping that Jodi’s family gets some answers soon!  If anyone knows anything about this Gavin Arnott please pass it on to the authorities.