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When a loved one goes missing your life changes instantly. You lose a lot of privacy and if you are a private person like I was it’s hard to learn to live with. Not only is your  loved one missing, you now have to tell the world about it in hopes that someone, somewhere will remember seeing them. I hate going on TV and yet I will never say no to an interview now. How you look becomes so unimportant, what is important is getting our son’s name and picture out to the public.
Yesterday Friday May 13 2011, there was a body found floating in Okanagan Lake. The news is reporting that this body has been in the water for quite some time. What is quite some time? Each time there has been a body found we have to wonder if it will be Michael and each time it is not there is relief, because we still have hope. Hope that one day Mike will come back into our lives and our family can be whole again.
When I spoke to the RCMP yesterday I was told that an autopsy will be performed this weekend and they are hoping to identify the body by the beginning of next week.
So for now my days will be filled with the everyday things that we all do. A planter box in the back yard needs to be changed, freezer needs to be organized, a trip to the gym are all things that I will do but in the back of my mind my thoughts are with all the families with a missing loved one……..