Pearl just turned seven on April 6 but her father was not able to celebrate with Pearl because she has been missing since December of 2008 from the United Kingdom.
Pearl was taken by her mother, Helen Gavaghan, who had joint custody with Pearls father, Henry Da Massa. There have been sightings of Pearl and her mother in Toronto, Canada. There is a possibility that they could be heading towards BC.
Dan Picken, a former police detective and an MCSC Investigator assisting in Pearl’s case said “Good intentioned people who are hiding Helen and Pearl are misguided in offering their assistance.  They might believe they are doing Helen a favour by hiding and transporting her to different locations – when in fact they are perpetuating the crime that has taken place; a parental abduction – and are depriving Pearl of a relationship with her father and family members. It’s not the quality of life that a child needs and deserves.”

The Missing Children Society of Canada is offering a $10,000.00 reward for information leading to Pearls where abouts.
Here are some latest pictures of Pearl and her mother Helen. $10,000 REWARD!