Clearwater RCMP say they have a pretty good idea where May Milling’s car and hopefully her body may be found. In a few months when the waters of the North Thompson River have slowed down the search will resume for May.“We will have to wait two months for the water to come down,” said Clearwater RCMP Sgt. Stuart Seib. Police are almost certain they know the spot that May’s car veered off the road down a 30 metre embankment last August. Searchers have found bits and pieces of Mays car in the river.
May’s friends held a celebration of her life on May 1, 2011 at the Sunshine Gold and Country Club in Gibsons. A good friend of May’s, Jenny John met with the RCMP in Clearwater who showed her the location of the crash site. “It was almost a closure there,” said Jenny.
May was not married and had no children, but sounds like she had a family of friends…