Tedd Tree is a business man from Kamloops who vanished while on his way to Kelowna BC for a meeting October 5 2010. It has now been found out that Tedd has been living in Eastern Canada where he has started a new life. Guess the cats out of the bag now hey Tedd?
All though I am glad that Tedd has been found safe and sound I am also somewhat annoyed that he would have left without letting somebody know where he was going. There were a lot of resources used to search for Tedd at the time he went missing, including a major air and ground search. I also feel very bad for Tedd’s son because he was among the searchers and eventually Tedd’s son had to pack up Tedd’s belongings that were left behind including finding a home for Tedd’s dogs. At the time of Tedd’s disappearance there were several other people missing and perhaps more time could have been spent looking for them.
The one good thing is that this does give a ray of hope to some families of missing loved ones….