Cole Barr is a well-known and well liked young man from Kelowna who tragically drown in Okanagan Lake July 2010. Cole was enjoying a summer day crusing on the lake with his friends when he accidentally fell over board and has not been seen since. Cole’s family have spent the past year agonizing over the loss of their cherished son.  Saturday May 21 2011 the Barr family brought in three skilled search  teams to search for their son. The teams are using a highly sensitive side scan sonar to  map the bottom of the lake in the area where Cole was last seen.  One of the teams also has a search dog that has been trained to detect dead bodies. The dog did give an indication that he found something but unfortunately the wind came up at that point but the area has been noted and the search will continue.  The Okanagan Lake is very deep in places and there are many currents but at least they have a location where Cole was last seen.  My thoughts and prayers are with Coles family and friends as they continue to search…..