Barbed tape at a prison

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Cameron Moffat and Kruse Wellwood have both been diagnosed as psychopaths after they were found guilty of the rape and murder of Kimberly Proctor. Kimberly was missing for several days before her burnt body was discovered in wooded area on the Galloping Goose Trail in Victoria BC.  It really is a parent’s worst nightmare come true! Both young men have been sentenced for life, but it is really Kimberly’s family and friends that have a life time sentence of living with the horror of her last hours and eventual death.
Cameron who was 17 at the time of the murder and Kruse who was only 16 when he brutally beat and killed Kimberly will both be serving time in a Federal prison.  Cameron will be transferred from the Vancouver Island correctional centre to an undisclosed adult institution to serve a life sentence. Kruse is 17 now but will be transferred to an adult institution when he turns 18. I have no pity for these disgusting pieces of work. Canada laws will allow these two murderers to apply for parole after serving only 10 years. Even if they are denied parole they will eventually be released after 25 years. How can 25 years be considered life?  Life should be what the average person lives now and for men that is now around 70 years!
Cameron and Kruse have been serving their time at a youth centre and the programs in the youth centre are really only designed for brief three-month sentences. The other youths at the centre have been quite traumatized by Cameron as he has told them the circumstances of the rape and murder of Kimberly! Some of the inmates at the youth centre now need counselling for trauma after hearing the horror stories.  That is so wrong!
Kimberly’s father, Fred Proctor, who went to the hearing to decide the fate of  Cameron and Kruse would like to see the death penalty for the murderers of his daughter! I can totally understand where he is coming from! After the hearing Fred said, “The judge did what he could with the laws we have. But these are two prime examples of why we need capital punishment in this country. To say you’re going to give them treatment and rehabilitate them over the next 10 years and they could apply for parole is absolutely ridiculous. Why waste any more of our resources? They should be put under, put down. And, preferably to me, it should be a long, slow painful and horrific ending for both of them.”
I for one will be watching the news closely for any information on these two killers………..