Gwaii Haanas National Park, Queen Charlotte Is...

Image by pmorgan via Flickr

Fred has been missing since the aluminum skiff he and his partner, Elaine Campbell were in capsized and they were both tossed in the water in Haidi Gwaii. Haidi Gwaii use to be known as the Queen Charlotte Islands and is off the northern coast of BC. Fred and Elaine loved to beach comb and that is what they were doing on that day when unfortunately the two of them were tossed in the sea. Elaine managed to hang on to the boat and make her way to the shore but Fred was not able to and has been missing since. Luckily Elaine was able to start a fire but she spent nearly a week stranded on a remote and rugged island of the Haidi Gwaii. She managed to get the attention of of a fishing boat in the area which who then contacted the Coast Guard. Currently there is a search for Fred’s body so the family can have some closure. Thoughts are with Fred’s family and friends…..