Rene has been missing since February 18, 2005 after leaving the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton Alberta with a friend Krystle Knott, 16, of Dawson Creek, B.C.  The two teens were planning on hitchhiking to Dawson Creek BC but both girls have been missing since. May 21, 2011 two sets of human remains were found by some campers about 60 miles north of Grand Prairie Alberta. So far only one set of remains has  been identified. Police do not know how long it will take to identify the second set of remains and are treating both cases as suspicious.
Rene’s father, Jo Gunning,  said the RCMP came to his door to give him the sad news, “It’s still a bit of a shock,” Jo said. “I thought I’d prepared myself, but I hadn’t. I just don’t want any other family going through what we’ve been going through these past six years. At least we’re one of the lucky ones and we can get some closure now.”
Rene’s grandmother, Berna Gunning, said in 2008 that Rene’s disappearance had weighed heavily on the family. And I am sure it has been very hard for the family and friends of Rene for the past six years. It is a very hard and tragic thing to live with as a family when you have a loved one go missing.
Because these girls were known to hitchhike they have been categorized as living a high risk life style and three years ago both girls were added to Police Team called Project Kare.
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