The RCMP have called off the search for Mandy, saying that the case remains open and active but they have exhausted all avenues of searching. The family and friends of Mandy will continue to search and are asking all people living in the Langley area to keep a watchful eye out for her. “Everything around has been searched so there’s no point searching it 10 times,” said Amanda’s father, Mike McPhee, referring to the immediate area. “We need people to look in their barns, their RVs. If somebody took her, or if she’s hiding somewhere, what better place than an RV? If she’s hiding she can’t go far.”
It’s very discouraging when the RCMP say they will no longer look for your loved one.  The family is asking the public to post a missing poster of Mandy any location they can.I know the family of Mandy will appreciate any and all help.