Since our son went missing January 2006 I have watched hundreds of Canadian citizens go missing. I cannot stress how important the first few days a person is missing are. If someone is going to be found it is usually in the first week. After that the chances of a missing person being found alive and well are much less. Get your loved ones name and picture out to the public as soon as possible by what ever means. The media love to sensationalize a story so give them any and all information so they can get the ‘story’ out……anything that would make your loved one stand out will make the story bigger. Facebook is a great way to spread the news of a missing person. Do what ever it takes! The sad part is that a missing person quickly becomes old news unless the media keeps the story going!  It breaks my heart to watch the family members of a missing person talk about their loved one! Then there is the dreaded “Search is Scaled Back” announcement. The helpless, hopeless feeling you have when some one you love goes missing is not something I would wish on my worst enemy. Unfortunately in order to survive you have to learn to live with that helpless hopeless feeling, but to do that a part of you goes missing as well…..