On Saturday July 30, 2011 a 22-year-old Penticton woman and her 22 month old son were reported missing by her family.  Her family was frantically searching for the woman when they found her car on Ellis Street and contacted the Penticton RCMP. Police searched the area and found a back door to Dave’s Second Hand Store open and discovered the 22 year woman inside the store. She was tied up and suffering from some serious injuries. The toddler was near by as well and was unhurt. Both the mother and her son were taken to the Penticton hospital. David Bobbitt is the owner of this business and apparently lived on site as well. In a press release, Corporal Dan Moskaluk with the Penticton RCMP says the victim and David Bobbitt do not know each other. He also said that David is a threat to the public.