I cannot stress how important it is to report someone missing as soon as you know they are missing. The frustrating thing is getting the Police and Media on board right away.  Last Saturday a young woman was reported missing to the Penticton RCMP who took the report and said that they would release an announcement the next day if she didn’t show up. Not good enough! This should have been top news right away! The family knew that she had planned on shopping at some second-hand stores and yet that was not investigated by the RCMP but by the family at 2:00 AM!
When our son went missing we were not even notified until he had been missing for over 12 hours. We were told that it had been reported to the RCMP and yet when we went to talk to the police they knew nothing our son Michael missing. We had to start a police file. Days later it turned out that there were two file numbers so something was screwed up sometime. It too, was very hard to get them to take our son missing seriously. It took almost a week before there was a press release. Too long! We conducted our own search, much like the family in Penticton, searching all hours of the day. Hanging up missing posters.
When someone is reported missing it  must be top news immediately….especially if they have never gone missing before!