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Glendene Grant’s daughter Jessie Foster went missing five years ago in Las Vegas and it is suspected she was a victim of human trafficking. Glendene has been very active in getting the public to be aware that human trafficking is a very real and very dangerous practice in our society. The  BC Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons (OCTIP) had four full-time staff and focused on the Vancouver Victoria area. Recently one of the staff went on maternity leave and the Solicitor  General’s office decided not to replace that position.  With more people going missing every day this is totally unacceptable. I believe they should be  increasing their staff and focusing on getting the public to be aware of the many victims of Human Trafficking.
Understandably Glendene is very frustrated by this decision and she is not alone. Benjamin Perrin is an expert on human trafficking and an assistant professor at the UBC Faculty Law is not only calling for this position to be filled, he also would like to see additional funding for the OCTIP. “Police and non-governmental organizations combatting human trafficking need further support from the province,” says Mr. Perrin.