A young boy was walking home from school when a red pickup pulled up and offered him a ride. The boy described the man as looking like Santa Claus. This is the same description of a man who tried to force a woman into his car last winter. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/story/2011/04/02/bc-kamloops-attempted-abduction.html?ref=rssThe boy kept away from the truck and phoned his mother and the man sped off.

Police have said “”We also investigated a number of complaints during the last school year, and again at the beginning of this year, when similar types of overtures were made by a man who was reported to have roughly the same type of physical descriptors and in particular, the issue of this white ‘Santa beard’ keeps resurfacing,” How scary is that? All teachers and principals in Kamloops have been notified of the incidents and the police have asked them to review the “stranger danger” rule.