A 13-year-old girl was walking home from school in Kelowna BC yesterday when she  heard a man voice behind her say, “I’m going to get you.” This must have been horrifying for this young teen! The girl began running away and the man chased her while she ran through an apartment complex and then through a parking lot in the Mission area of Kelowna. Luckily the girl was able to escape from this man and was able to describe the man to the RCMP. The description of this creep is between 25-27 years old, 5’11” with an athletic build, black spiked hair and facial stubble. At the time of the chase he was wearing a green toque, black jacket and dark jeans.

October 2011, a 17-year-old girl was walking along the Greenway in Kelowna BC when she was grabbed by a man who tried to force her off the path. Luckily this young woman had a can of pepper spray which she sprayed in the attackers face and was able to escape. The girl ran to the Orchard Park Mall where she called the RCMP. Her description of this creep was 5’10” – 5’11”, tall, athletic build, with short brown hair. The suspect was wearing a black, hooded Adidas jacket with white stripes on the sleeves, gloves, black running tights with a hole in the right leg and white running shoes

With the recent murder of a 18-year-old girl,  Taylor Van Diest of Armstrong BC on Halloween night these stories very disturbing. Of course we don’t know if this is any connection……