This past week there was a body found by a man walking his dog. The body was found near some bushes in Burnaby BC. Police have not yet identified the body or even said if this body is male or female and it sounds it may have been there for some time. There are many missing people from BC and I know that all the families and friends of a missing person are waiting and wondering if this is their loved one. I have had several people contact me to advise who they think the body is but I will not post something on speculation. That would be too hard on anyone that has a missing loved one….

Our son had been missing for almost a year and half when there was a body found in the Okanagan Lake. We watched the news cast and saw the body wrapped in a bag being placed in the back of the coroners van. Our family was convinced this was our missing son Mike because it was a bigger body and the only other missing young man in this area was much smaller. We had to wait almost a week for the body to be ID’d and that week was one of the longest weeks I have experienced. I was agonizing over what we would do with our sons body and in my mind kept seeing the  body bag being loaded into the Van.

When we were notified that it was NOT our son’s body the relief was overwhelming and tears were shed again not just because it was not our son but because it was another families son.  Once again we had a tiny bit of hope.  The really sad part is that the young man that was pulled from Okanagan lake was not even reported as missing!

As time goes on that hope becomes fainter and fainter but even today we do have a tiny ray of hope that our son will be found safe and sound. My thoughts are with all the family and friends with a missing loved one…

Currently there is no database for the Missing People of Canada.