There is never a day that goes by that the family of a  missing loved one doesn’t  think about them and wonder what could have possibly happened. Your senses are constantly on alert for any information that could explain your loved one’s disappearance. The family tree has a broken branch, and you are desperate to repair it somehow. Only after your loved one has gone missing do you realize just how many people vanish and how many families are living with the Heartache, Helplessness, Horror, all mixed with a bit of Hope and a lot of Hell!

This past week was a very difficult one for the family of Lindsey Jill Nicols. Lindsey  has been missing for over  18 long years  and her family would desperately like some answers.The family  had some hope they would get some answers when a tip about Lindsey’s disappearance was received after a News Conference in September. RCMP and forensics identification specialist searched a property in the small community of Royston on Vancouver Island where Lindsey went missing eighteen long years ago. The  current owners of the property were co-operative with the investigation and search. Unfortunately there was no new evidence found.

Lindsey’s mother, Judy Peterson, said in a news release, “This has been a very difficult week, but it means so much to our family that so  much effort went into following up on this tip. We are so very grateful to the person who had the courage to come forward with  this information. I only hope that anyone who can add anything about Lindsey’s  disappearance would do the same.”

Judy Peterson has been very vocal about the fact that there is currently no data base for Missing People of Canada. There is a Data Base for Missing Criminals however. My husband and I gave our DNA several years after our son Mike went missing and it has been checked a few times when unidentified remains were found in the Okanagan area. But what about the remains that are found somewhere else in Canada? Currently there are over 7000 people missing in Canada. That is the size of a small town! There are over 600 unidentified human remains in Coroners offices across Canada. Judy has started a petition to get the DNA of all the missing people of Canada in a Data Base. If you have not signed this yet, please take the time to read this  The hardest part for the family with a missing loved one is the Not Knowing……
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