It has been just over a year since Hayden Koselski went missing while in the care of  Ledger House, a facility run by the Vancouver Island Health Authority. VIHA promised  they would do an inquiry into what they could do to improve the response to a missing person who is their care.

A news release lists the changes and honestly these things are just plain common sense.

Here are the changes that have now been “implemented”:

Hayden was missing for 45 minutes before the RCMP were notified. VIHA has said they would now report someone missing with mental health issues right away. Duuuuh! Wow that took a year to figure out?

They would also classify her disappearance as a high priority!  No Kidding!

While Hayden was out on a weekend pass with her family she was taken to a hospital emergency ward because of concerns about her mental health. Hayden was returned to Ledger House the next day by her parents. VIAH has now made it a protocol to assess patients before they leave and when they come back, including a suicide risk. Wow you would think that this being a mental health facility for young adults that there would be this assessment at all times!

As well parents are now expected to remain on the unit to give a pass report to staff before leaving. Brilliant!

Amazing that it took a year to figure this out and thankfully they will be doing regular audits to ensure these new measures are in place.